How to Watch Netflix for Free on iPhone is a Must Try!

Watching is a means to refresh the tired mind, many movies that can be watched especially now more innovative. Now, there are applications to watch do not need to come to the cinema, one of which is Netflix. No need to worryabout Netflix being paid in the middle of Covid-19 because there is a way to watch Netflix for free on iPhone.

Only by capitalizing mobile phones can already watch through Netflix without reaching deeper pockets. So many benefits obtained by jamn protect yourself from the impact of Covid-19 can eliminate fatigue because everything is done from home. Just do 5 simple steps how to watch on Netflix for iPhone for free below!

How to Watch Netflix for Free on iPhone

How to Watch Netflix for Free On iPhone

1. Download Netflix App

The first stage that must bedone to find out how to watch Netflix for free on the iPhone is to download the application. You can download the Netflix app through the Appstore by searching for the app. Then, there will be a display of the Netflix logo symbolized by thered capital Nand the name of the application ‘Netflix’. After that click download, wait a while until the download is 100% new can be opened.

2. Confirm Download

Confirmation of Netflix downloads is very important, which can be done using touch ID  or  face ID. Face ID is adjusted to the iPhone you have because each iPhone can be different. Wait until the download process is complete, then open the Netflix app.

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3. Enable Trial Period

How to watch Netflix for free on the next iPhone is to activate the uji try period. When opening the application, there will be a 1-month free trial offer offered to new customers. Don’t worry if the free trial ends up being billed to pay, as long as automatic renewal is not enabled. This term coba is  Join  Free For A Month so you can also directly search for Free For A Month.

4. Register or Create an Account

When Free For A Month is clicked, then enter the email and password to register. Select the check button on the ‘No, don’t  send me by email’ to avoid special offers from  Netflix and email notifications. Then, click iTunes subscription to confirm the purpose of enabling this free 1-month trial period.

5. Disable Automatic Payment

After successfully creating an account, fill in also the mastercard or VISA network credit card or debit card for payment methods. Make sure all data is correct and click Start Membership. Credit or debit cards are required if you want to use  Netflix,  donot worry about beingcut. To prevent this, you can disable  automatic payment on credit cards.

To be more secure, you can use PayPal for payments on credit cards. That’s because in PayPal there is already an automatic payment,  but there is no need to worry about credit card balance willbe cut. In addition, just in case, also disable the update automatically. That way you can use  Netflix to watch without fear of having to subscribe and pay some money.

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That’s some way to watch Netflix for free on iPhone that can be followed if you want to watch  Netflix  for free. Actually there are many more ways that can be done to be free using  Netflix such as using a VPN application. It can also be by replacingthe IP  address,andother ways. However, the above method is among the easiest ways to do, and not complicated of course.

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