How to Remove TikTok Watermark on Android Phone, Use These 5 Tricks!

TikTok is a video sharing app created by ByteDance, from China. TikTok application has now become part of people’s lives in the world, as well as the country of Indonesia but what happens if whenposting  TikTok videos watermark still appears. Here’s how to get rid of TikTok watermarks on Android phones.

How to Remove TikTok Watermark on Android Phone, Use These 5 Tricks!

Remove TikTok Watermark

1. Through TikTok App

How to remove TikTok watermark on android phones can be done from the TikTok application itself. First, open the intended TikTok account then play and tonton the video to be downloaded until the impression is complete. Make sure the video is finished watching because it could be that the video will be damaged when played back. Then, click the file manager on the phone and then open the internal storage click the android section, there is data and pillsih file named  ‘’.

There is a cache option select the video, not long the TikTok video will appear and play the video again and then change the name then set the mp4 ending. TikTok video results that appear new without any  watermark  in theinsideyes. When you’re done, don’t forget to save your TikTok video back into your phone’s gallery so you can watch it at any time.

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2. Use App

The second application that can help eliminate watermarks is a application that can be downloadedthrough the  Google Play store. Follow these easy steps!

First of all, open the user account listed on TikTok. Then, click the share button and then select the copy link section.   Next, open the app that has been downloaded on the user’s phone. After  copying the video to be edited then click paste and input into the available link. When you have finished downloading the edited video.

3. Use Snaptik App

Another app is Snaptik. Snaptik is famously safe and easy to use. Cara removing watermarks with this application can be done in the following ways.

First, open the user’s TikTok app, secondly select the video. Then, watch the video to be downloaded. Then click share  and then select the copy link section. Next, open aplikasi snap tik that has been downloaded on the phone.

Next, Click paste the video you want to download and then save it in the available URL field. Once all the process is complete, users can download videos from the snaptik app. There are two types, users candownload videos without  watermarks  and then move them to the mobile gallery.

4. Remove Watermark via Kapwing Studio Editing

Furthermore, for TikTok users, they certainly want to perform optimally by using the TikTok application without having to display watermark. Everything can be easier by visiting  kapwing studio editing website.

Users must open the TikTok app first. After that, select the video you’ve watched. Then, select share  and copy to the available link. Then, open website Editing Kapwing Studio in search engines such as Google, Opera Mini and others.

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If the Kapwing Studio Editing website has appeared, then enter the video link that TikTok users want to edit. Continue by copying the link  again into the available column. Make sure the video appears, click the edit section of the video and then  crop. Click the  done cropping section if it feels the video is good enough to press tombil  publish on a video that is clean from the watermark or TikTok label.

5. Through Browser,Search Video  Downloader Website

To clean tiktok watermark can be done through a browser such as Chrome or UC Browser. First, open the TikTok app, look for videos that have been uploaded  click the share button that is under the  likes and comment menus. Then, there will be an option where users will share videos via Whatsapp, Facebook  and others. Then, select copy the video link and then open a commonly used browser like Chrome.

Search on Google‘Download Tiktok videos withoutwatermarks’. Continue by choosing one of the video downloader websites such as ExpertsPHP. Then, copy the video link to the URL field until it is processed and download it in the form of an mp4 file.

The above explanation will certainlyhelp TikTok users related to how to remove TikTok watermarks on android phones. It’s easy enough to practice, isn’t it? Good luck!

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