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Download Microsoft OneNote 2021
Download Microsoft OneNote

If you’re a programming client, you’re probably comfortable with Microsoft OneNote. Planned as a logging program, this one is characterized as a PC program for free-style data assortment and multi-client collaboration. This product works by collecting either written or manually compiled client notes, pictures, screen clippings, and voice critiques. With organizational accessibility, you actually want to provide notes to different clients.

In the past, Microsoft OneNote as part of Microsoft Office. Over time, it was formed into a free and independent application that runs on macOS, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.

One of the more recent and fundamental highlights are managing general product usage. Now you can go through all of them to make sure that this product is worth buying.

Download Microsoft OneNote 2016 and get this Feature

1. OneNote Clipper

OneNote Clipper is one of the new highlights stated by Microsoft OneNote. This is intended to allow you to save screenshots of web pages to OneNote over the given connection. For this situation, the screenshot text must be accessible. You can empower this using Optical Character Recognition.

2. Send an email to OneNote

The following new component introduced by Microsoft OneNote is the capacity to send email to OneNote. is the email address you use to send emails. Furthermore, the entire substance in the email is stored in OneNote.

3. Multi-User Capability

Including multi-client capabilities, this product provides changes for the break section level with the following sync and join. This makes you ready to cooperate among clients on the scratchboard in disconnected mode. That way, you can work with different clients on a total and concurrent basis by using OneNote together. Easy as that.

4. Scratchpad Stores Information

Microsoft OneNote is also enhanced with a data scratchpad storage where you can store data on pages that are coordinated into specific areas of the journal. For this situation, you can use the ring cover from the UI to take notes and collect data from various applications. You may also be able to share any unpublished data that you find.

5. Stage Support

What stages does Microsoft OneNote help with? All things considered, OneNote is definitely accessible for mobile via the Windows phone app. It can also run with iOS, Android, iPad, Tablet, Windows 8 and RT, and Mac OSX 10.9. In addition, this product has also proven to work with Windows 10. This great help is very good at providing you with a simple method of using the product regardless of which stage you are using.

6. Viewing 2D

Finally, you need to realize that this product also highlights 2D Views, along these lines, you can see @D illustrations, inked notes, and other design components. This is very interesting.


In general, Microsoft OneNote offers some large capacity for managing highlights added to products. Now if you want to take notes, work with multi-clients, and collect freestyle data, you can think of this product without hesitation.

Microsoft OneNote Software Details

Support For Windows:

  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 (64 bit)

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