Dead God Land v0.0.0102 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Money, Max Lv)


Dead God Land v0.0.0102 MOD APK is a modified version of the popular mobile game Dead God Land. The mod version comes with additional features and benefits that are not available in the original game. By installing the MOD APK, players can enjoy a variety of enhancements and unlock new possibilities within the game.

Dead God Land is a simulation game with an extremely appealing survival theme that allows you to practice and improve your skills. This is where you will solve new mysteries, but the journey will be difficult because you will face new challenges. Set on your journey and battle the forces of evil.

 App Name Dead God Land
 Publisher DevVision Games
 Genre Role Playing
 Size 734M
 Latest Version 0.0.0102
 MOD Info Mega Menu, Money, Max Lv
 Get it On Google Play

1-Features and Gameplay of Dead God Land v0.0.0102 MOD APK

1.1Mega Menu

One of the standout features of Dead God Land v0.0.0102 MOD APK is the Mega Menu. This feature provides players with a comprehensive menu that grants access to various in-game options, such as unlimited resources, exclusive items, and advanced customization. The Mega Menu empowers players to have more control over their gaming experience and enhances their ability to progress in the game.


The MOD APK also offers an enhanced Money aspect. Players will get abundance of in-game currency, making purchasing items, upgrades, and other valuable resources no problem at all. So it’s time to boost your progress and go beyond the limits.

1.3Max Lv (Maximum Level)

In Dead God Land v0.0.0102 MOD APK, players can attain the maximum level in a shorter span of time. Level maxing feature enables players in leveling up their characters rapidly, unlocking powerful abilities and skills that give them upper hand in battles. By reaching the maximum level quickly, players can fully explore the game’s content and experience the full potential of their characters.


The story begins with a description of an extremely harsh island that has recently experienced a zombie epidemic that appears to have swept everything here. Most people on the island have turned into zombies and cannot control themselves, but a few lucky survivors are still attempting to hide from them. The main character is named Rick and he is one of the army warriors fighting against zombies.


Equip best gear and get ready for battle. Furthermore, you and your teammates will travel to the island of death, where zombies rule and occupy every corner. Your mission begins when you officially land a plane in this dangerous land and begin hunting down zombies so they can no longer rule. Hone your skills and come out as a true survivor in this terrifying world.


Because the gameplay of Dead God Land: Zombie Games is centered on survival, players are required to make preparations to circumvent challenges. Construct a safe place before the zombies arrive and then try to hide in it asap. In addition, to live on this lonely island, you will need to stockpile a sufficient amount of food and water and gather items that can be used as weapons at any time. It’s easy during the day, but when the night comes zombies are hungry, you will feel terrified.


The game will take you from one surprise to the next, so don’t be distracted for even a second. Furthermore, the game will provide zombies that move quickly and can dodge attacks. As a result, the weapon is essential because it will assist you in quickly defeating zombies. You must, however, combine this with the necessary skills such as dodging, hiding, guerrilla fighting, melee, and even long-range shooting. You can also use a decoy to lure zombies to the bunker near the shelter, turn off the air supply when they can’t breathe, and kill them all. While surviving in this harsh environment, players can also collect more valuable loot to use as weapons.

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