How to Download AOL Shield Browser 2021 for Windows

Download AOL Shield Browser
Download AOL Shield Browser

If you are looking for an internet browser that provides you with online safety, you can download AOL Shield Browser as fast as you can. For what reason do I propose this internet browser? All things considered, because AOL Shield Browser offers all the insurance with all security included so you have less pressure on the online dangers that may come your way.

Since most of this is done online such as shopping, banking, getting through web-based media, work, and so on, you need to need a protected internet browser. For these situations, reading insurance is essential to enable you to use the web without putting aside some effort to recover the damage caused by dangers, malware, infections, and many other types of online dangers.

To find out how AOL Shield Browser secures your internet thoroughly, you only need to refer to the accompanying survey.

Download AOL Shield Browser with Features

1. Against Phishing – AOL Browser Shield

The main thing to know when you need to download AOL Shield Browser is that this internet browser is highlighted by anti-phishing. Through PhishLock innovations, these elements will allow you to keep your character and other important information away from being taken away or covered up. It is empowered to distinguish malware when you visit a site that is identified as a fraudulent phishing site.

2. Window Latch Protection

The second element you may see is window mesh insurance. This component is helpful for providing more reasonable assurance to your Window meshes. Do you understand what a snare is? All things considered, the snare has a feature component that is meant to match framework messages sent from the Window Application. For this situation, Hook helps protect your Window from malware.

3. Site Malware Protection with AOL Shield Browser

The second element you may see if you download AOL Shield Browser is the site destroyer software guarantee which is divided into two separate classes:

4. Fight malware and hostile download innovation.

If the site contains malware, the client is taken directly to the malware warning page. So, since you probably know that you are scared, you will immediately read about with ease using this element.

5. Maintain data settings

When you download an objectionable document, the records will be checked. If you continue to download vengeful files, this component will crash the document.

6. Screen Capture Protection

The following components that you can upgrade after you Download AOL Shield Browser are screenshot insurance. This element empowers you to prevent malware from capturing your important data on program screens.

7. Crypto Protection and Networking API

Another security that AOL Shield Browser provides is crypto and system administration API protection. Through this component, this internet browser program can have the option of removing snares caused by malware.


To be sure, downloading AOL Shield Browser is acceptable as it provides you with online security especially when you are working effectively with the web. The insurance offered through its highlights supports you to read safely without feeling unduly stressed out by online dangers.

AOL Shield Browser Software Details

Support For Windows:

  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP SP3 (32 bit)
  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 (64 bit)
  • File Size: 579,55 KB

Download AOL Shield Browser for Windows – Download

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